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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

And so the Work begins on the Sun-Porch

Yesterday the Work had begun.

Our lovely and very beautiful backyard.

Click on a picture of your choice to see a bigger view.

 The art at removing a Sunporch roof.

Carpet will eventually be replace at another date once we are
able to saved up the money to do so.

If it were my main decision I would of had these carpets removed once and 
for all and go with the bare floors with some scatter rugs than just leave
them there, the Senior cat we had (RIP) had ruined these carpets.

This Armoire had to remove from Sun Porch, too big to put into the Garage even
and most certainly won't fit through the doorways to the rest of the house.
Need to find a buyer fast otherwise it will be ruined by the weather.

I wasn't thinking that I would catch the reflection of the Owner of 
Crawford Contactors Inc when I had snapped this picture. 

Door supporting the wobbly wall yesterday.

Top part sticking out is the covering for our Breezeway.

These brackets are for the new Sidings going in.

Trying to be sneaky at taking pictures of the work going 
on when I was spotted and so this worker smile for the camera

More Pictures  about the work being done will be posted either
 tomorrow or on Thursday.

Til then...Thanks for coming on by and taking a look.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Yup I can still Draw"

Spent about an hour penciling this, first started off with the elephant, then the tree came next, and everything else just fell into place.

The paper is white, and I couldn't control the
source of lighting.

Paper size: 9 x 12
Medium: Pencil

Title:  Lone Elephant in Jungle

On rare occasions I will show my better art work and this 
is one of those rare occasions.