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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our New Adventures

We are now on another New Adventure ever since
it was discovered that a swarm of Winged Termites 
had nearly engulfed the Sunporch this past week, and of course 
a few of them made it into the rest of the house.

"Oh Gee What Fun"

In the mean time we need to have plants
cut back from the house all the way around 
including from the Garage, and some plants has to come out, all of the potted plants has to removed from around the house as well
as removing all of indoor plants, many won't handle the full sunshine so 
I will have to put up some form of a shade for them.

We also have to bagged up all of our food items, medicines, and any
thing else that we stick into our mouths as well as pets mouths into specialize designed plastic
bags that were given to us by Terminix.

"Oh Gee What Fun"

The gas that will be used will be
Vikane, it is a Specialty Gas Fumigant something at which 
we both need to look up.

According to the instructions sheet we do not need
to washed our clothes or linen as well as any foodware such as silverware, cups, etc.

Heh yeah right, I will be washing our clothes, bedding and anything else we hold closed to our bare bodies as well as washing down all counter tops, dishes, etc for these things we prepared, cook and eat off of.

The Cats will go to the Vet while the Dog will come with us when it is time for us to vacate as well as my dog toys, and feed. Will not leave them 

There will be a few things we will not leave behind that are of valued to us just in case there happens to be some foolish person stupid enough
to break into a Tented house full of gas to robbed the place, there has been instances that has happen of the such off and on over the years and the outcome is usually a bad one where the would be crook ended up being found dead inside later after the tent has been removed.

I was sort of hoping at attending a Wedding of my Great Niece come November with a Wedding Gift, looks like a Gift won't be happening cause after this we will be so freaking broke, don't think we can keep on taking loans out for this or that.

"Oh the joys of Home Ownership as Sidney puts it"

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Update on Sun-Porch (Patio)

"Well oh hello there"  "I see you with
that camera"  as I guess he must of been 
saying to himself while he waved at me.

I love this for the fact it says that the floor must be level,
whereas the floor has its little small dips here and there.

"Well sure hope we won't have any problems later down the road with this kind of Plank Floor"

And now for the finishing touch....

 'Wow Whee so much better looking now than what it was"

In this little section of the Sunporch is my very near
future Art Studio with Bare floors. 

In about a couple of weeks from now there will be
an Art Table as well as an Easel, and I am so looking
forward to those much needed items.