Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

Just wanna say...


Hopefully 2018
will be a much better year than what
2017 was for me and many others.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wanted to use this as my Blog Banner, apparently,  it was a bit too small to do so after I had created it earlier this evening.

Well, not all is lost, I can still use it over at my Facebook homepage.

Hadn't been getting out all of that much, been sticking around the house for some time, been tight on fuel money to go anywhere.

Starting to get Cabin Fever.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving: A Native American View

Each year I try to teach those who not know the real meaning of Thanksgiving, I myself have stopped celebrating Thanksgiving over twenty years ago when I first had learned the true meaning of this USA National Holiday.

Each year there is constant conflict among some tho not all of my friends and family who still insist on believing what isn't true.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Fresh Water Snails

A couple of days ago I bought some new tank mates for my 10 fish tank was being overrun with algae.

I was told this brown stripe one is called a Zebra Snail.

Forgot what the yellow snail is, so I had gave it the name of "Whatyamacallit"

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Lamb Meatloaf with Recipe

This evening I couldn't decide at having Lamb or Beef, our roommate usually does not like Lamb but told me to go ahead and fixed it and she will try a taste of it, we both agree that come tomorrow dinner that we will use the ground beef for tacos instead.

At first, I thought of just fixing meatballs, then I thought why not just lamb burgers, then I got to thinking why not meatloaf for dinner, the more I kept thinking about meatloaf the more I like the idea.

I was really impressed at how the Lamb meatloaf had come out, it was really good...and even our roommate  was surprised by liking the meatloaf.

Decided to share the recipe here instead of at FB.

1-lb (pound) of Lean ground Lamb
1/2  of a small red onion diced 
1/4 teaspoon of ground Thyme
1-cup of Seasoned Salad Crotons crushed.
1/2 cup of Oatmeal
1-Large Egg

Combine all together except the Ketchup & water, formed into a loaf,
and pour some Ketchup onto of the loaf, you can spread the Ketchup if you like all over the top, however, I didn't do it that way.

Add about a tablespoon or two of water on top of the loaf, the water helps keep the meatloaf from drying out while baking.

Baked at 350 degrees for one hour

This is my own concoction of a Lamb Meatloaf.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Creepy Crawly Things

 "It is that time of a year for us here "Halloween"

And what better way to celebrate by showing off
our Backyard Critters that some people
are surely affected by just the very thought without seeing at how cute and adorable these little critters really are.


What is there not to like about a simple Rat?
They are cute, funny, clean, and very affectionate.
Rats come in many colors and sizes.

Some are domesticated as Pets, and many are simply as wild as they can be. 

Not all Rats are disease carriers, and some even consider to be in the food chain for us humans....tho the very thought of eating a Rat just makes me want to puke.


 What is the big deal about Spiders?

Spiders are cool looking, some are even funny looking and some people keeps them as pets, while others will be delighted to enjoy a roasted dish of Spiders for their main course doing meal time.

I have even heard from those who do have them as pets that their Spiders are simply Adorable, and even Loveable.

As for myself?

I simply try to keep my distance from Spiders, I would rather admire them just not on me, and most certainly don't think I would ever try to dine on one either.

Norway Rat 
A Cute Wild Norway Rat

Oxyopidae Family-Green Lynx
This spider uses Camouflage to capture its
prey does not set up
  house and wait, will travel for its food.

Oxyopidae Family
Green Lynx Spider, very common in

And as for Rats?

"I miss having pet Rats!

It will be Halloween soon, are you ready to scare yourself silly?   

"I am.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Past to Present

Caught Sleeping.

Sadie my late German Shepard, passed away at an early age of 6 about twenty years ago.

Wating in Doctor's office for my appointment.

Messing around with my selfies.

"Hate to say what my nose looks like!

Ha ha ha

Monday, September 4, 2017

Last Month Adventures

Author by SJolly
After awhile I start getting tired asking people, not to SLAM
my car door as well as to locking the door when they get out...before this note I had posted one that read; DO NOT SLAM THE DAMN DOOR, DON'T FORGET TO LOCK THE DAMN DOOR TOO.

So, my roommate had to come up with a much better request than mine.

Celebrated a friend's birthday a couple of weeks back and this was my
home-made birthday cake gift for him, it has been years since I had made a cake.

It was a chocolate cake inside and out for except for the icing lettering.

Chinese fast food take out in Kearny Mesa, I am pretty sure 
I will never eat at that place again on my next trip out that way.

"Oh and of course I just have to add these to the post here, found this crazy looking Bellpepper at Vine Ripe market.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mustang Sweetness

 Bag of goodies

  Taffy and HoneyOBits

Front end of a Mustang car at a burger
food stand over at the food court in
Grossmont Center Shopping Mall.

Two days ago me and a friend decided to go have lunch
at the Mall, the place was pack with people on a hot day except for the food court.

Of course, I just couldn't leave without hitting up the Candy store, 
this is the only place I know where I can get good old fashion salt-water candy, hadn't bought any taffy candy since last year...and so this was a special treat for all of us here at the house.

We don't eat that much candy, tho it is good to have something sweet once in awhile and for guest that comes for visits.

Our new roommate bought some Carmel to add to the batch.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Our Tree Fell Down

Nearly two weeks ago our 14 ft. cactus tree committed suicide with a little
help from me of course.

It happen on a day when I had landed in the hospital, however, before I was rushed to the hospital, I had turned the water on for the watermelon in the morning.

And with all that had happen with me passing out shortly afterward, it was rather hard for me to tell anyone in the house that I had just turned on the water for 15 minutes.

And of course by the time I had come back home, the backyard was flooded and the cactus tree was then laying on the ground.

A good 7 to 8 hours worth of watering.

As a result of the cactus tree crashing down, it also smashed my most favorite  (Velvet Cacti) cactus into bits that was inside of a 20-gallon pot, tore out half of a bush, and murdered our young Avacodo sapling.

It was a good thing that the fence had held up, and that no person or animal was under that tree then.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

How does one act without Coffee n the mornings ??

I guess one can say this is a 2-D picture here...The hair is made of Embroidery thread & paint, earrings are flower stickies, blouse straps are twisted paper and the blouse is from an old bandana.

The eyes are of ink and paint, lips are ink and watercolor, and her flesh is of watercolor paints. 

Took me 3 days to finish her up.

 "Why does my Mistress always shove her phone in my face for?
And why does she always chase me down with her camera as well?

I think she needs a shrink cause she seems obsessed with taking my picture all of the time.  "Woof Woof"

Oh and one other thing she thinks my nails need to be trimmed again, My nails are just fine the way they are.  
"Woof Woof"

 "Ah ha!  "Finnally my legs are skinny again!

That is sure a funny looking car in that reflection there, 
looks all squish up. 

After I had seen a heart doctor last week, he told me that I have an unusual A-Fib which he also said this type of A-Fib can be corrected and went on to tell me that I have a rare form of A-Fib that is able to correct itself on its own before reaching it peaks, in other words, My heart can beat hard and fast hitting nearly the top speed of over 190 beeps per minute, however it never reaches that threshold and by the time it hits 190 beeps per minute my heart then will just instantly laid on the brakes and then slow itself down to a normal speed of anywhere from 32 to 60 beeps per minute (BPM).

The surgery also may not even help just in case it is not really an A-Fib condition after all.

I been given a prescription which is a Blood pressure medication and I am only to take it the moment I have another episode, however he told me that this is going to be the tricky part cause my blood pressure should not be too low which by the way I do have low blood pressure, so the moment I am in need to take this medication I am to call him.

So far so good, I not have had another episode since I had seen him.
I have told him that certain foods have caused my heart to pound hard and fast, and he said he has one other patient that has also told him of having the same problem and that he is not aware of any connection to food affecting the heart. 

And so with that being said after my visit, I decided to just simply stop eating Tomatoes & Cucumbers which is my own little experiment, and since I had stopped eating those Veggies I hadn't had any more problems since my last episode....I have also totally cut out all Caffeine as well. 

No Coffee in mornings is a truly insanely nightmarish time for me
and yes I have turned into a royalty cranky demented kind of a gal.

Well, the good news least I lost 7 lbs since I started my low Cholestor diet five months ago....and so I had to go treat myself to some Ice Cream. Yum.

Don't forget to check out my second Blog which can be found on this page here.

More good news before I finished up here, My dizziness had vanish after I had gone and seen my old Chiropractor after I had a Cat-Scan done to my neck, there they were able to see nothing, they even scanned my brain and still couldn't see nothing, which only just proves one thing I am brainless.

Ha ha ha

I am to now get an MRI next and this upcoming week I will be having an ultrasound done to my neck, they want to check the front part of my neck, and the MRI will be checking out the tissues of my neck.

Friday, July 14, 2017

It's a Beautiful Friday once again

Baby Dear along side of Road in State of Washington taken by
my brother...he told me that the momma dear wasn't far from her baby.

"Looking down through a hallway or is it looking through a  square tube?

Driving up to Mt. Helix isn't so bad at first, however having to drive back down is the scary part, the road leading up to Mt. Helix is rather steep as it is coming down from the top.  One must be sure to have good strong brakes.
I hadn't been back since I first took this picture about 3 or 4 years ago for the fact of the steep roads going down the hill, rather scary for me.

Needed some shade in my car after it has been parked often in the full force of the hot summer sunshine...had a big cardboard box that I decided to cut down to fit my Windshield window, made this up yesterday which really helped cool the car down a little bit, however this morning when I had looked out at my car I quickly discovered that the home-made shades fell down.

Well that only means one thing left to do, fixed the cardboard differently to stay up.

Yesterday it hit 98 for us here in my part of town