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Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Crazy Selfy

Trying to take a selfy with my new phone just didn't go as well as I thought it would go. lol

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Photo Fun with Tikki Cat

These two are my favorites

The last two pictures are funny

Use the Marco setting to get up close and personal with

In other News my Great Niece gotten married the first part of
November, Thanksgiving day we thought we were going to have
Chinese dinner and instead ended up having
the Turkey traditional meal over at Denny's restaurant, that was a quick last minute plan being we were on such short notice that the Chinese place didn't bother to let us know that our reservations were cancel cause they decided to close their doors on Thanksgiving day after-all.

For a nearly a week I was Sidney seeing eye person after his eye operation driving him here and there and everywhere in-between.

His eye surgery ended up with excellent results, his other eye will be operated sometime this summer, he had chosen to wait until then, whereas he could of gotten it done sooner, the reason for putting it off is money, his Medical insurances requires a big hefty co-payment up front.

Slowly but surely we have been getting the garage cleaned out so we be able to park the cars in there once again since we had to move everything out of the old Sunporch.

 Snapped these pictures shortly after the Sun-porch was finished.

During the remolding for the rest of pictures.

Durning the Winter months is when I normally bring in some 
plants due to frost and yes we do get frost and not all of
my succulents like to have a touch of frosting on them...then come the last part of Spring they go right back outside.