Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Let's go Shopping

 "Wow look at that Parking lot!
"Lots of cars, wondering if there is an open parking stall someplace"

 Wasn't as bad as I thought it be, I luck out and was able to grab a spot.

"So are you ready to tag along with me now?
"I have my shopping bags, did you bring any with you?
"Well if you hadn't that is alright cause I have extras in the car"

"Take your pick which shopping cart you want"

"Oooo looky!
"Watermelon, Strawberries, and Squash plants"
"I most certainly have to have those watermelons and Squash plants, we don't need any peppers, we have plenty of those at home yet...hmm maybe even some strawberry plants....nah, don't really need those just yet"

"Breaded Dill Pickles to be fry up???

Why would anyone want to eat these things for 
and especially in Fry form??

Looking good so far, one dozen eggs, Ground Turkey, Grapes, Coffee Cake, 
hmm what else is on my list. 

Ah, yes I still need to get Milk, Sparkling-water, lettuce, tomatoes, onions,
cheese, salsa, sourdough bread, prunes, dog-food, potatoes and Charcoal lighter fluid...

And now to check out and go home"

Oh and of course I ended up buying things that wasn't on the list either.

"Well that was fun"