Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yesterday Adventures

Discovered why Pork-dog didn't greet me at the front door

So freaking funny when I had caught him in the act of destroying his toys
while I was gone, I guess he thought he shouldn't have done it....all I could do  was laugh.

On the 5th floor at one of Sharp Hospital Parking structures, I believe that is part of La Mesa in the background...tho I am not all of that positive.

Peering out across from the ER Entrance from a Medical Doctor building

 Bought two Humming Bird Feeders to replace that tall one there, which so happen to be leaking.

Ah a new project of mine is to set this 1.5 gallon fish tank up for
the pets..."Did I say for Pets?  Yup sure did....I plan on putting in some plants and about two or three fishes, then place this on the floor for our two cats and one dog to enjoy...Oh and of course for us humans to watch the fun.