Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lucy misses Tikki Cat.

 A friend of mine came over for the whole Memomioral Weekend, she returned home earlier today.

We both had a pleasant surprise on Saturday, a couple of friends appeared out of nowhere as if there was some sort of a magical force at work, we hadn't seen and heard from each other a good many long months since we lost contact with each other. 

 After I had put the rollaway bed into a closet, I then set up the pet bed in the spare room, they both kept trying to get onto the makeshift bed in the process of making it up for them which was rather difficult to put together at that moment. Finally, they both were able to settle down together on the bed.

 Then I decided to snap a picture of them together using my phone, Lucy was the first to look up at me meowing,  then I had to get Porky attention, he was just too busy with his toy, then I decided to bait him with some treats, finally he looked up and Lucy also gave me her full attention for the treats as well....afterwards they both received their treats.

The top blanket still has Tikki cat scent for he used to spend much of his time laying on the little blanket, I almost tossed it into the washer, then a thought occurred to me, perhaps this would help Lucy Cat to calm down a bit, she lets out mournful cries calling out to Tikki often, she goes room to room looking for him, and she has even gone outside yowling for Tikki.

We never knew that Lucy was that close to Tikki, for when Tikki was alive we would often see and hear them two cats having a round of it with much growling and even sometimes taking swipes at each other. 

Pork-dog hasn't shown any signs of depression since Tikki was put down.
Ha, he is probably happy that Tikki is gone now, cause Tikki used to beat up Porky and many times without cause.

Home-cooked Pinto Beans with Beef Dogs and warm flour tortilla is what we had for Lunch today.

Good chance we will end up having more Beans for dinner tonight.

I guess our house will be rocking tonight....ha ha ha

"How did you spend your weekend?