Friday, July 7, 2017

Adventurous Week

That sweet innocent look he gave me after I taken
away his toy that he try to eat.

 Sneak attack pictures with my phone while my
friend was trying to clean out her photos from her phone.

 She simply had not idea what I was doing...ha ha

I must be doing something right cause I still have
Jazzy yet going on 37 days now.

 Room-mate computer problems 

 After I came back home from my Doctor's EKG appointment
I asked my room-mate a simple question.

"He never gave me an answer.

Wow I left a mess after I had my E.K.G.

Sometime next week I will be seeing a Heart Specialist, I also have an appointment coming up to have an UltraSound Scan of my neck, cause each time I look up with my head moving, I get a faint feeling.

On July 2nd I blacked out for a few seconds at home, my dining room table had caught my fall, then I landed in the Emergy room and was kept for the night, had all sorts tests done, and the nurses were nice enough to leave my left arm all black and blue trying to find a good vein, took them 4 tries to find a good vein.  Gee how nice they are to tattoo my left arm.

I ended up having a full blown panic attack in the E.R. and my heart rate shot up to 180 Beats per minute, then I was given something to calm me down, then my heart rate had dropped down to 90 BPM.