Friday, July 14, 2017

It's a Beautiful Friday once again

Baby Dear along side of Road in State of Washington taken by
my brother...he told me that the momma dear wasn't far from her baby.

"Looking down through a hallway or is it looking through a  square tube?

Driving up to Mt. Helix isn't so bad at first, however having to drive back down is the scary part, the road leading up to Mt. Helix is rather steep as it is coming down from the top.  One must be sure to have good strong brakes.
I hadn't been back since I first took this picture about 3 or 4 years ago for the fact of the steep roads going down the hill, rather scary for me.

Needed some shade in my car after it has been parked often in the full force of the hot summer sunshine...had a big cardboard box that I decided to cut down to fit my Windshield window, made this up yesterday which really helped cool the car down a little bit, however this morning when I had looked out at my car I quickly discovered that the home-made shades fell down.

Well that only means one thing left to do, fixed the cardboard differently to stay up.

Yesterday it hit 98 for us here in my part of town