Thursday, August 3, 2017

Our Tree Fell Down

Nearly two weeks ago our 14 ft. cactus tree committed suicide with a little
help from me of course.

It happen on a day when I had landed in the hospital, however, before I was rushed to the hospital, I had turned the water on for the watermelon in the morning.

And with all that had happen with me passing out shortly afterward, it was rather hard for me to tell anyone in the house that I had just turned on the water for 15 minutes.

And of course by the time I had come back home, the backyard was flooded and the cactus tree was then laying on the ground.

A good 7 to 8 hours worth of watering.

As a result of the cactus tree crashing down, it also smashed my most favorite  (Velvet Cacti) cactus into bits that was inside of a 20-gallon pot, tore out half of a bush, and murdered our young Avacodo sapling.

It was a good thing that the fence had held up, and that no person or animal was under that tree then.