Monday, September 4, 2017

Last Month Adventures

Author by SJolly
After awhile I start getting tired asking people, not to SLAM
my car door as well as to locking the door when they get out...before this note I had posted one that read; DO NOT SLAM THE DAMN DOOR, DON'T FORGET TO LOCK THE DAMN DOOR TOO.

So, my roommate had to come up with a much better request than mine.

Celebrated a friend's birthday a couple of weeks back and this was my
home-made birthday cake gift for him, it has been years since I had made a cake.

It was a chocolate cake inside and out for except for the icing lettering.

Chinese fast food take out in Kearny Mesa, I am pretty sure 
I will never eat at that place again on my next trip out that way.

"Oh and of course I just have to add these to the post here, found this crazy looking Bellpepper at Vine Ripe market.